Looking to add some color and global flair to your kitchen remodeling? Online craftspeople and specialized tile stores sell Mexican tiles that feature bold graphic designs. The tiles are typically small and hand-painted so the cost can add up quickly. But strategic use of the tiles can allow you to enjoy the look without breaking the bank.

Here are a few design ideas you can discuss with your remodeling contractor:

Backsplash Accent

Using Mexican tiles to form your entire backsplash might not work with your budget. Instead, choose a section of backsplash where the tile will make the most visual impact. Behind a black or white stove is a good example, while hidden under the cabinets in a shadowy corner is a bad example.

Use white tiles found at the hardware store to create the rest of your backsplash to create the most versatile look. If you want to go truly bold, pick one of the stronger colors of the tiles – commonly reds, yellows, and blues – and use tile in that color to finish off the backsplash. Make sure your cabinets are white if you choose a colored backsplash so the kitchen doesn't become too busy.

Island Accent

You can use Mexican tile around the outside edge of an existing or planned kitchen island.  If the outside edge is a couple of inches tall, you might be able to get away with buying small pre-made tiles and simply using a strong, waterproof adhesive to attach the tiles around the edge.

Don't waste the money on Mexican tiles for a side of the island that isn't visible from the main area of the kitchen. Even having the tiles on two or three sides of the island can brighten up your room and offer an additional point of visual interest.  

Don't have an edge to use? You or your contractor can create one using a bit of crown molding.

Over-Cabinet Accent

Do you already have several bright elements in the kitchen but want to add a touch of Mexican tile? Consider creating an upper border of tile following the top of your kitchen cabinets. The location ensures that guests will notice the tiles without making the tiles a major statement piece.

Make sure your cabinets are a coordinating color to the tiles so as not to clash. Purchase slightly larger tiles than you would for an island accent to make sure the end result isn't so subtle your guests have to squint to see what's on the tiles. To learn more, contact a company like Suburban Construction Inc. with any questions you have.