Heavy rainstorms with hail could lead to significant damage to your home, making it important to pay close attention to the condition of your windows after the storm has passed. Your windows are especially vulnerable to storm damage due to their design compared to the rest of the exterior of your home, making a thorough inspection an important task.

With the cost of replacing a window between $100-$200, the following tips can help you determine if this would be a good investment for your home. 

Cosmetic Damage to the Window Frame

If there was a lot of hail in the area, or if dirt and rocks were picked up due to heavy wind, there may be some cosmetic damage to the window frame itself. If there are nicks on the frame or if the paint has been chipped off, you need to address whether you can simply refinish the frames or if the damage is severe enough where the windows should be replaced entirely.

Broken Hardware Leading to Security Risks

In the case of a heavy storm, the damage could be significant enough to extend to the condition of the hardware. If you're concerned that the window latches were damaged, it becomes important to get the hardware replaced. This is due to the risk of your home being at risk of being broken into, making it a good idea to look how much hardware replacement will be and what your options are.

Cracked or Fractured Glass Panes

A common form of damage done to windows after a storm is the glass being cracked or fractured in some form. In order for you to restore your windows to their original shaped, you'll need to consider if the glass panes can simply be repaired or if the entire window themselves need replacement.

Poor Sealing or Other Problems with Air Loss

Your windows are the first place that air loss can occur in your home, making the space less comfortable and more expensive to keep cool or warm throughout the different seasons. To determine if sealing needs to be redone, you'll want to test the sealing with methods such as holding a candle up against the window frame itself to see if the flame flickers.

By looking into the condition of your windows after a storm has passed through, you can determine if repair or replacement of your windows is best. Contact a local installer, such as Welty Custom Exteriors, Inc, with any questions.