The most common type of fire in the United States takes place in the kitchen. In most cases, this starts with a fire from the stove, such as when you are frying food. In case this happens in your home, you should install a sprinkler in your kitchen. Below are two different types of fire alarm sprinklers you can choose from that will help you determine what is best for you.

Heat-Sensing Sprinklers

If you have a regular smoke alarm, it will go off when smoke reaches it. A heat-sensing sprinkler goes off when there is heat because it has heat sensors. This means they will go off much quicker. In most cases, these sprinklers are activated when the flame heat goes up to around  135 to 165 degrees. This gives you much more time to extinguish the flame before it has time to spread throughout your kitchen and the rest of your home. Once the heat reaches the sensors they will automatically go off to put out the fire. This type of sprinkler system is installed on the ceiling

Another type of heat-sensing sprinkler is called single sprinklers. This is a collection of sprinklers that go in a line, and are installed on the ceiling. Each sprinkler will be activated individually depending on the heat. Once the set of sprinklers hits the area of the kitchen that has no heat, they will not turn on. This keeps your kitchen from becoming drenched in water, and protects the flooring. If you have appliances and foods that are not located near the fire, they will not be damaged by the water.

Sidewall Sprinklers

Sidewall sprinklers are installed on a wall. They detect heat from your appliances, such as a microwave and oven vent. Once it detects heat, the sprinkler shoots water out from the side to prevent the fire from spreading. In most cases, these sprinklers are installed near a kitchen sink or the entryway into your kitchen. If you have a very large kitchen, you should install more than one sidewall sprinkler. When you are not using your kitchen, you can put a decorative cover over the sidewall sprinkler so it can blend into your kitchen surroundings.

To learn much more information about these sprinklers, contact a fire alarm company. They can come to your home to determine the best type of sprinklers for you, and then install them for you. Once you have them installed, contact your fire damage insurance company, as they may lower your rates. Your home value may also be increased.