While it's often ideal to hire a contractor who exclusively does certain types of work, it's also advantageous to consider hiring a general contractor when you need a variety of projects around the house done. General contractors can certainly specialize in certain areas, but they typically have a knack for being skilled in a wide range of different jobs. This makes your life easier — instead of lining up multiple contractors to handle different projects, your general contractor can take care of a variety of things for you. Here are some suggestions of tasks that can skilfully be handled by your general contractor.

Window Installation

If you've been dreaming of adding a window to one of the walls of your house, your general contractor can turn this dream into reality. Whether you want to brighten up a dark hallway on the ground floor or make a one-car garage feel larger due to the addition of natural light flowing through a window, your general contractor can handle this job. He or she will work closely with you to find a window that suits the look of the space, and then perform the installation over the course of several hours; by the time the contractor leaves for the night, you'll have your new window intact.

Deck Building

Many general contractors have built several decks over the years, meaning that this professional is ideal to hire when you want this job done. Whether you want a deck build from scratch or an additional build around your existing deck, the contractor will have an eye for working with you to design a visually pleasing deck, while also being functional and complying fully with the local building code. If you have ambitious ideas for the deck, such as built-in power outlets or lights, your general contractor can also execute your vision.

Flooring Installation

The installation of flooring is another job that general contractors are typically experienced in. Whether you want hardwood, laminate, tile, or another type of flooring in your home, your general contractor can get the job done to your satisfaction. He or she will also be able to perform the necessary finish carpentry tasks, such as installing new baseboards and door trim once the flooring is laid. If you want an upgrade to your flooring, such as radiant heating coils laid beneath the tile, your general contractor is also likely experienced with this job and can handle it for you.

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