If you are having metal buildings installed on your property, you might be hoping that as winter approaches, the metal will be unappealing to critters looking for a warm place to live. However, even metal buildings can be subject to pest infestations if they are not installed correctly or if they sustain damage. A good metal building contractor can help you pest-proof the buildings, though, starting with proper installation.

Joints and Connections

Ensure the model of building you choose has flashing covering all of the joints. Any connections that are left uncovered can allow smaller pests to sneak in through the spaces between the two sections. Remember that mice, for example, need only a space the size of a dime to fit through.

Keep the Perimeter Clear

Move all piles of materials away from the perimeter of the building, including construction debris or materials needed during the building's own construction. These piles can provide both shelter for animals and cover as they try to find ways into your building. Everything along the inside perimeter of the building should be well-organized and placed on shelves or in neat stacks to minimize the number of places an animal can hide in.

Windows, Vents, and Screens

As the building is constructed and frequently thereafter, inspect and close off gaps around windows, vents, and screens. During the later stages of construction when there may be a few openings where windows have yet to be installed, have the contractor cover the openings completely before closing down construction for the day.

Frost Heave

If construction is taking place in cooler weather and a hard freeze occurs, reinspect the entire structure for signs of frost heave damage. Heaving can leave gaps around doors and between the ground and the base of the building, and these gaps can allow pests to get inside. The foundation or base of the building may have to be shored up or modified somehow to account for future frost heave (so in a way, this episode would be good because it would show you what the effect on the building would be like now, allowing you to make modifications to the construction to prevent heaving damage in the future).

Working with a metal building contractor who has experience making the buildings secure will take care of many pest problems right away, simply because the contractor will automatically know what to do. Talk to the contractors you want to work with about pests in your area and strategies for protecting the building.