As a roofing contractor, you likely are always working on a new project or searching for a new client. If you are looking for way to streamline your business and become more efficient, you may want to look into adding roofing CRM software to your workflow. Here are three ways that Customer Relationship Management software can benefit your roofing business.

Help With Cold Calls and Overall Organization

If work is slow for you as a roofing contractor, you may from time to time drive through the neighborhood and look for obvious signs of trouble developing on various roofs. If you do this frequently enough, you may run the risk of knocking on the same door twice, and that's only going to annoy a potential future customer. Most CRM software programs today offer an app that will allow you to check off which houses you have been to while you are on the go so you don't go back there again. 

Beyond that, roofing CRM software will just help you with your overall scheduling. You'll be able to hit one key and see your entire month or year from a bird's eye view. There will be no more putting customers on hold while you try and figure out if you can squeeze one more appointment in. You'll know exactly how much time you have on any given day without having to ruffle through multiple scheduling books.

Get Up to Date with an Old Client Quickly

Once you enter a new customer into the system, you can continue to add whatever you need into the database. If you are returning to perform routine maintenance on a roof you installed last year, you'll be reminded of that before going to the house. If the house you visit has had other significant problems in previous years, you'll be reminded to check up on these things even if you are going there for a different reason this time.

Find Opportunities to Grow Your Business

Roofing CRM software can really help you see the big picture when it comes to growing your business. You'll be able to see which specific services you have pitched each individual client in the past so you'll know if you need to move on to something else. If your business becomes saturated in one part of town, it'll be easier to know that it's time to branch out and find other clients in other neighborhoods. 

Roofing CRM software can help keep you up to date on each client's specific needs while also providing a general overview of all of the work you have done in the area. If this sounds like something your company badly needs, reach out to a roofing software vendor, like Genesis Contractor Solutions.